The Failure of The War on Cancer

Geplaatst op: 12 juni 2017

The Failure of The War on Cancer

President Nixon declared a war on cancer in 1971 with his signing of The National Cancer Act. This war has been all but lost as the world is still facing major casualties. Too often have researchers and individuals sought a “cure-all magic bullet.”

Personal responsibility and lifestyle choices appear to be the closest reality to a true “cure” that will ever come. PNC-27 and other targeted, non-toxic therapies are indeed game changers to assist an individual out of a health crisis.

Since cancer is a symptom of an underlying imbalance, a person’s entire lifestyle and diet choices must change no matter what therapy is used to assist the body in eliminating cancer. Even with cancer remission, the underlying root cause(s) must be addressed.

No single therapy can replace a proper detoxification regimen, the correct diet to rebuild the body, reducing stress, getting adequate restorative sleep, and other lifestyle choices that amplify the body’s healing environment. Oftentimes individuals who do not make the proper changes will experience a cancer relapse whether they used chemotherapy, radiation, or the best alternative therapies in the world.

The question is… Are you willing to take charge of your own personal cancer education and make the necessary changes?


Nog steeds ligt jouw boek `Laat je niet opvreten door kanker` boven op de stapel boeken, die ik inmiddels ...Volledig Bericht